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18. January 2001


Joint Product Strategy for Business BASIC Interpreter on Microsoft Operating Systems


Fujitsu Siemens Computers and mk software have concluded an agreement concerning the development of BASICsuite as a corporate follow-up product for CROSS BASIC NT and X/NetBridge in spring 2000.

In comparison to CROSS BASIC NT, BASICsuite can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Windows 2000. This is one of the most important distinguishing features of BASICsuite, which is a genuine client/server 32-bit application. This product does not need an additional terminal emulation because it has an integrated GUI. Additional features, prices etc. are described at

The easy switchover from both predecessor products to BASICsuite was the ultimate objective of this development. BASICsuite is based on the architecture of X/NetBridge, so that the transition from X/NetBridge to BASICsuite V1.0 was carried out smoothly in the first version. The pending release of BASICsuite V2.0 means that an almost fully automatic migration of a CROSS BASIC NT configuration will be possible as well.

CROSS BASIC NT withdrawn from sales portfolio

CROSS BASIC NT was withdrawn from the sales portfolio at the end of November 2000. End of service for CROSS BASIC NT is scheduled for July 30, 2001.

Customers who purchased CROSS BASIC NT after October 1, 2000, will receive update software and update authorization for migrating to BASICsuite 2.0 free of charge, provided that these customers also purchase a software service contract for BASICsuite. The software update has to be requested by July 31, 2001, at the latest.


On February 13, 2001, a workshop for BASICsuite 2.0 will be held in German at mk software in Paderborn. This will be the first technical presentation of this product and will demonstrate the various ways of migrating from CROSS BASIC NT to BASICsuite 2.0. This workshop should be viewed as an initial support and guideline seminar rather than an in-depth training course providing comprehensive information. A workshop in English will take place the following day if enough registrations are submitted.

For initial information, please fill out the enclosed response form. For more details, do not hesitate to contact us directly:

Mr. Hans-Gerd Seidel
Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH
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D- 33106 Paderborn
Fon: +49/(0)52 51 / 8-11530


Mrs. Anke Freund
mk software gmbh
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Fon: +49/(0)52 51 / 52 13-21